What is Rebearth

Rebearth is a set of products that support agriculture to produce higher yields in changing climatic conditions. The product has been under development for almost 14 years. Today it is available to help solve the world food problems in a safe and sustainable fashion.

World Problems

What are the food problems of today?

  • Decrease of arable land, almost one million hectares of land lost per year, world wide
  • Salinization of arable lands because of sea level rises and prolonged use of artificial fertilizers and irrigation.
  • Changing climatic conditions in ways that decrease yield, also world wide. On some places it is getting colder, some are getting  warmer, wetter or dryer. Plants are used to certain climatic conditions to thrive. Holland got tropical in 2018 and Kenya was much colder en dryer.
  • Poverty, food shortage is mostly seen in poor countries
  • Decrease of yield, due to use of chemicals and artificial fertilizers
  • Wars


  • Saves crops during erratic climatic conditions like drought and floods, excessive heat or cold weather in tropical regions
  • Rebearth widens the band width of plants concerning moisture, temperature and fertilisation.
  • Affordable. Via Rebearth Foundation support is possible for large projects in poor countries.
  • Non-toxic, safe to use for farmers, even without protective measures
  • Yield increase, in Africa maize 100% increase is almost normal
  • Does not create superbugs or super weeds. Rebearth supports the plant and does not fight bugs and weeds
  • Stimulates soil life, to support the plant in the best way possible
  • Supports the environment, because there are less chemicals needed
  • Available. Through a large scale operational production unit, it is possible to manufacture what the world needs.
  • Easy to use, for small scale farmers and large operations as well.
  • Safe & Effective, approved organic, non pollutant
  • Sustainable, Rebearth does not have any side effects or negative impact on environment, users and animals and nature in general

World food problem

Feeding 10 billion people in 2050 is the challenge of all agricultural scientists on earth. They strive for an increase of food production with an estimated 50% by 2050. Today, in the fields of Africa and South America, Rebearth is already taking care of a 100% yield increase. Rebearth is far ahead of the pack.

But . . . .

Believing in giant steps, like Rebearth is taking, is a challenge. New things take a long time to become the new normal. There is only one way to find out and that is: TRY IT. In many thousands of tests in real life situations, all over the world, Rebearth has proven to be up to the task. Even with all this proof people still  “ponder and wonder”.

Easy solutions to complex problems are sometimes to good to be true . . . . .  we think . . . . . Rebearth proves otherwise.

Some visual proof of Rebearth in the field:

Download:  Rebearth results in pictures V23