The science behind Rebearth

The science behind Rebearth is based on deep insights in quantum physics. A very hard to explain system. Some scientists say: “If you say you can explain quantum physics, you don’t understand it.”

In the last 14 years we have been searching for answers to really big problems like food safety, food security, and availability, even to the poor. We also tried to figure out how to cope with climate change everybody is talking about. We stumbled across many insights that were unexplainable. We could however convert it into a complex working system, that is capable of producing harmless carrier substances that do the job. For some practical examples from all over the world please:

Download:  Rebearth results in pictures V23

NON scientific & dogma’s

Since the developers of Rebearth are no academics, the huge group of scientists close ranks. Inventing new things, outside the academic walls, is incredible and is probably fake. This dogma is used around the world. We believe that scientific proof can have many forms. We have had research projects, funded by Agrosensi – Rebearth, carried out by Wageningen University, labs in Holland, South Africa, Kenya, Colombia, Peru, etc. They all proved the merits of Rebearth in the field.

If you harvest 10 bags of maize every year from your plot, and suddenly after 3 applications of Rebearth, you harvest 20 bags, that is real proof, year after year. And soil improvement comes for free, together with higher yields.