Theory of Rebearth

The Rebearth theory

Every new development needs to have a theory behind it to be taken seriously. This is also the case with Rebearth. We found a solution, before we had a theory, so we explain what we found so far, by trying to formulate a kind of theory.

Empirical evidence

Almost every proof of the workings of Rebearth is empirical. That means that we saw it working in many real life situations. There were also exceptions. We learned by search, not research. We did it for the first time, completely open minded. No strings attached, no financiers, no other stakeholders, just look and see and try to understand the fundamentals.


Agrosensi is a spin off from Sensi. The latter is a system that helps people to balance and thus creating health. The crux is, that not the system is doing the job, but the human body / human system is supported in doing so. The human method worked for many years before we asked ourself the question:”Could it be working on plants as well?” We tested it by simply applying humane products, from our own labs, on selected plants. It worked. In the course of many years we improved the formula. Yield improvements in The Netherlands were up to 35% in maize. When we started exporting Rebearth to Kenya, we saw yield increases up to 100% as a normal increase. We still wonder what did the job.


The basic concept of Rebearth and its humane predecessor are based on balance. Nature keeps things in balance, balance between elements from the mendelevium table, balance in heat / cold, balance in up / down, dark / light / etc. The number of balances are almost endless and we do not see the interactions in full perspective yet.

Example / image of the systems

There is a balance between Magnesium and Calcium in nature. They are what we call antagonists, they oppose and find their equilibrium in the middle. They constantly move to the middle or trying to stay there. Suppose for a moment that these two elements are on an old fashioned scale, one left and one right. You can see if they are balanced, when the scale is in the middle. If the scale is heavier on one side, it will tilt. This unbalance needs to be corrected. There are many ways to do that. But, the dish of the scale that is tilting, is pushing on a dish from another scale, thus creating balance or unbalance in another system, which in turn leans on another dish and another and another. The endless complexity of nature becomes visible. Regaining balance is not only done by adding Magnesium or Calcium to the unbalanced dish. Changes made in other scales can also have the same effect. You need to start thinking out of the box. Maybe there are 500 solutions to balance the scale between Calcium and Magnesium. This method goes beyond the scientific approach of cause and effect. It is more a chaos theory with so much seemingly unrelated connections, that it is hard to find out cause and effect. We had to let go the idea that we could understand the real ways of nature’s work. We started focussing on the big picture, not on the details. Science as we know it today is not helpful in finding the keys of this system.

Quantum physics is the key

We had to change scope. Quantum physics had all the abilities to give answers to “why it works”. Except, explaining quantum physics is beyond words. Is the Universe hardware or software, particles or waves? Materialistic or a set of “ideas”? It looks like it, but the general theory is “It has the tendency to be a wave and / or a particle. It can be both at the same time. This superposition, quantum entanglement, space/time ideas are interesting to know and to try to understand. We decided to leave science behind, we stopped trying to explain and now we look at the fields of the small holder farms of Africa. The food security / hunger problem and poverty can be solved and we can do that in an organic sustainable fashion. All farmers have the ability to double their yield on a cheap and safe way.

That is enough for us . . .