Science behind Rebearth

Working principles of Rebearth®

Rebearth is a growth enhancer for plants. Plants grown in soil, water or in air can benefit from application of Rebearth. To grow successfully, plants take in moisture, fertilizers and sunlight. The complex of fertilizers needed, varies from plant to plant, not every plant or species needs the same foods to prosper. Some need more than others or a totally different set of elements, enzymes, ionic materials, to produce optimal yields of the highest quality.

What is so special about Rebearth?

In modern agriculture, fertilizers mainly contain a combination of NPK and some trace elements. Since science takes a lot of time, agricultural universities worldwide have thoroughly researched only 16 of the about 82 available elements. Simply putting all elements in the soil, to feed plants, would kill most of soil life and plant material. This is not a good idea.

Rebearth uses a proprietary process, developed in the last 14 years, based on the principles of Quantum physics, to produce a substance that carries the wavelengths of all needed elements. (Originating from the de Broglie relation) The de Broglie wavelength is the wavelength, associated with a massive particle and is related to its momentum, p, through the Planck constant, h (see formula below)

Source: Wikipedia

Fertilizer availability to the plant

The proprietary process of Rebearth covers a large area of available elements in wavelength form. All elements in wave form, not the substance form. The wave does not harm soil or plant materials, because it is subtle in nature. It only resonates with plant and soil materials in the same wavelength field. This is the way Rebearth supplies all elements / elemental energy where needed, in the correct amount, without ever causing harm to soil or plant. You cannot poison soil in any way using Rebearth. The plant only takes what it needs, the rest “evaporates”. Respraying several times per season can be necessary, mostly 3 times, depending on plant and species. You need to add fertilizers as you are used to, organic or artificial. But you can experiment using less fertilizer. We have done extensive trials using less fertilizer, added with our product, we have seen great results. Less inputs, more harvest. Rebearth increases the plant availability of the supplied elements and delivers the missing links. Rebearth supports and improves soil life and plant available minerals at the same time.

Application in the field

Application is done in the form of spraying a dilution of Rebearth and water on soil and plant. The wavelength is taken in by the cells of the plant and by soil life, that resonate with the same wavelength field. The resonance initiates a physical reaction, that causes forming of roots, leaves, stems and fruits. Increasing plant growth speed, by up to 3 weeks per growing season is seen.

Example of potato improvement by telomerase

We have seen potatoes in Holland (Bildstar) increase the amount of medium size tubers from 7 to 11. Over a period of 3 to 4 years, you optimize characteristics of species. The so well known “survival of the fittest” of Darwin, the inventor of evolution, did not apply to Bildstar potatoes. Plants weaken over time. Rebearth reverses this degradation. Better taste, better in flooding, better with excessive heat, drought, stress, etc. A whole new plant it seems.

How to test the properties of Rebearth

Since there is no equipment available today, that can measure the contents of Rebearth, a laboratory cannot “prove” what the product is. Rebearth is only seen in its reaction on living matter, plants, animals and people. There is no residue, no harmful effects, no pollution, no harm in any way. Rebearth is pure organic material, used as a carrier substance for all elements / energy / information that stimulate plant growth and yield, or any other purpose. The same process is used to manufacture products for human health in the last 19 years.

Depending on plants, soil, fertilisation, season, drought and rain, yields can differ substantially. Yield increases of 10% to 100% and higher have been seen on plants, tested on various continents. Tests round the equator gave the best results, due to situations that can only be explained by quantum physics.

Rebearth harnesses the power to overcome most of the erratic climatic behaviour we know today, like 14 degrees Celsius in Kenyan summer of 2018, while at the same time 38 degrees in Holland during an 8 week drought period. In both situations Rebearth fields showed a normal yield, compared to control fields with (near) total loss of harvest that season.