C3, C4 and CAM plants

Rebearth is tested and gives results to all types of plants. C3, C4 and CAM are different types of photosynthesis used by plants to convert sunlight into sugar. C4 is much more productive than C3. CAM is a special for dry and hot area’s (cacti and succulent).

Rebearth theory

Rebearth has shown to work very well on all types of plants, C3, C4 and CAM. On some C3 plants results are lower than on C4. But, overall yields increase, while at the same time sugar content rises, and soil conditions improve, during much higher yields and less fertilizer and erratic climatic conditions (higher or lower temperatures, drought and flooding).

There is no proof yet, but research should give some answers, that Rebearth stimulates different systems of conversion / photosynthesis. Rebearth gives C3 and C4 plants capabilities to also convert to CAM like properties, that work in darkness and high temperatures. At the same time plants get improved C3 and C4 capabilities. probably all at the same time. A broader spectrum of possibilities that are latent available in some plants is activated by Rebearth.