CO2 is a natural building block for plants. It contains carbon and oxygen. Plants give us oxygen and take carbon out, to make food. People inhale oxygen and exhale CO2. People also excrete residue they do not want, called fertilizer. This process has sustained life on this planet for millennia. About 0.0391 percent of the atmosphere is made of CO2, that is 391 ppm. Without it, we would die. Without it there would be no plants to feed us. Since the Thatcher era in the UK, CO2 is made the culprit of all climate change.

Rebearth solution

Since CO2 is not a problem to the plant, it is not a real problem at all. But given the big picture of CO2 to be a problem, Rebearth binds much more CO2 in plants, than any other product. If people do not eat or burn the treated plants, but leave them alone, CO2 is still bound by the plant and taken out of the air. If you should plant trees and leave them for years, that is the best way to store CO2.

Also growing Hemp is a solution. Hemp grows fast and you can make clothes of them and houses and a lot of other things that keep CO2 out of the air for a long time. But since Hemp is made into a problem . . . .