Drought is no rain on moments we expect it. The real problem is not the rain, or lack of it, but the expectation of rain people have.

In the past people moved their herds of animals to places where there was enough to eat. Drought caused the movement of people and animals from one location to another. Drought in the Sahara has led to depopulation of that area, except for some nomads. Underneath the Sahara are huge oil reserves, that point to the fact that there was a sea at some time in history. In the past there was room to move away from the problem. Today countries have borders and if you move, you create a constraint with the people already living in that area. War of survival is looming.

How to handle drought

Rebearth solution

Since it not always possible to move your house and family and everything you own. The next best is to try to cope with the changing situation. Spraying Rebearth on your plants extends plant life beyond current expectations. 8 weeks of severe drought in The Netherlands caused a lot of crop failure in 2018. The plots that were sprayed with Rebearth gave a normal harvest, with normal yields, 20 tons of dry matter, as expected. Rebearth extends plant possibilities is changing environments.