Climate change has been on the agenda for a long time. We all can see there is a problem, but interests of countries, companies and people often stop real solutions. There is no consensus in scientific circles of what the problems really are and how to solve them.

Climate is complex

Climate is a very complex system, behaving in a chaotic system of earth. Actions attract reactions, but in a complex setting it is not always known, how the reaction of the system will be. The weather predictions are over 60% wrong, this shows the real complexity. Many scientists work on it every day, using huge computer models to predict tomorrow, and most of the time they fail. Predictions on the long term, are even more complex. Nobody has the answers yet.

On this web site we try to explain parts of the puzzle. We give you our view of reality, right or wrong no matter what. We do not claim to have answers, but we try to explain what we know, so you can find out your own truth.


Diving into scientific knowledge, we can dig up more information today, than ever before. History of people, geology, climatology, archaeology and many other specialties on academic levels. If you look into available knowledge, you will see, that many scientists do not have the same ideas about facts. Often these scientists try to support their theory by giving “proof” in facts they found. Sometimes bending information al little.

If you dig in the earth, you will find salt layers in certain areas. These layers point to the fact there was a sea, some time ago. Some companies drill deep holes and find oil, made by marine life a very long time ago. Some dig up whole cities on locations we did not expect to find human life. Others dig up coal, containing prints of tropical plants and animals we have never seen.

First conclusion

Reality often differs from our expectations. There have been climate variations as long as the earth exists. Tropical plants found in Siberia digs, deep under the ice. Impacts of meteorites all over the place.